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  • Visit to the Aluetian Islands

    7/20/2017 12:02:10 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Fabulous trip. Visited the Aluetian Islands for the first time. Kodiak and surrounding area is beautiful.

    After being in Alaska 10 times - it's hard to believe that it's so un-changed. The massive islands as you cruise through are magnificent! I finally quit counting how many whales we saw. But, one has to know how to spot them and be patient! Wait for the spout of spray and then up comes a beautiful whale of a tail!

    Homer one of my favorite ports is the furthest point south on the mainland of Alaska. Halibut & Salmon fishing is fabulous. I spent a week in Homer years ago and caught lots of fish. Sent home over 80 pounds of Halibut and kept another 60 pounds with me in our RV. Homer is known for the ''spit'', which is a ''spit'' of land. It's smaller than a peninsula and much more narrow. Out on the ''spit'' is where all the fishing charters are located.

    It was fun watching the ''catch'' of the day arrive. The proud fishermen showing off their prized catch and then watching the fish be cleaned and ready to be sent back home. A great place to visit. Few cruise lines do this itinerary. We did 14 nights on Holland America Line (known as HAL). They are ''Dutch" and staffed by Indonesians which were part of the Dutch Colony decades ago.

    Highly recommended itinerary!

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